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1- How does it take my order to be shipped?
The international orders mostly are shipped same day or next day after placing the order. We ship your order by DHL, TNT or Aramex depending on where your order will be shipped. For Example; we ship to USA and Germany by DHL and we ship to Jordan and UAE by Aramex. If your order is not shipped next day, we will contact you regarding your order and let you know when your order will be shipped out.

2- How long does delivery take?
Your order will be shipped in 1 day and your estimated delivery time will be between 3 to 5 business days. You can track your package by DHL or any other company tracking numbers within these 3 to 5 days and you can follow your package.

3- How much does the shipping cost?
You can see the total cost of your order after you place or save the order on the system. The shipping cost of your order is calculated according to weight of the order. You can make your payment via Credit Card or the other payment options what offered on the payment page.

4- Where is my order?
We will let you know the tracking number by DHL or Aramex after your order and payment confirmed. You can track your package on online to see where your order is at the time.

5- Which shipping company do you work with?
For international orders; we prefer the shipping company depending on your location. We ship by DHL, TNT or Aramex and also depending on your request, we can use different shipping companies. We are also working with private shipping companies which have agents in many countries and have cheaper services. These shipping companies available for only some countries not for all.

Sales Mngr - Mehmet UYANIK
Help - 0905466435216
Sales Mngr- Ferdi DURAN
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